Advanced Animal Care

Berea Animal HospitalAdvanced Animal Care, your Berea Animal Hospital, cares about you and your pets.  They will do everything they can to ensure your pet gets the best health care and service while they are at the hospital and that you go home with the right information to care for your pet when you're home.

Our Staff

Dr Byron Dozier has been at Advanced Animal Care Berea since 2009.  He has lived in the area for years and is well known and trusted as a veterinarian.   Doctor Kevin Simmons is new to the practice.  He and his family have moved from New Jersey to be close to his wife’s family.  He did his externship during veterinarian school at the Bronx Zoo and at the San Diego Zoo.  He has a background working with small animals in both surgical and emergency care.

Both Doctors love helping animals and they love working with their patient's owners.  They know when you bring your pet to the veterinary clinic that you want them to receive the best care possible.  They also know how to help your pet feel at ease and they will use the least invasive means to diagnose and treat your pet.

The Staff at Advanced Animal Care Berea are knowledgeable and friendly.  They will help settle your pet during his visit and prepare your pet to see the doctor.  Keeping your pet's records straight and up-to-date will help you be aware of all the services your pet has received and the instructions the doctors feel are important.

During an exam the doctor will ask you questions about your pet and his regular routine.  These questions will help the doctor determine if your pet is experiencing any problems.  They also are interested in you, and any questions you might have.  They are experienced in helping with diet, exercise and behavior issues.

Your Berea Animal Hospital

The hospital is only open during normal office hours.  Because they are connected with Advanced Animal Care Richmond who are open 24 hours a day, your records will always be available there if you should have an after-hours emergency.

The animal hospital in Berea offers normal veterinary care including well exams, vaccinations and routine and complex surgeries.  They encourage you to keep your pet’s yearly exams current to help prevent illness and to detect problems early.  The law requires some vaccinations and some medications such as heartworm pills, can prevent your pet from getting serious disease.

You will find the facilities at the Berea animal hospital to be state-of-the-art.  They have an x-ray machine, diagnostic lab, and animal laser therapy.  Their exam rooms are comfortable and they take pride in keeping the facility clean and germ free.

If you’d like to schedule a time to visit the site or have any questions please call Advanced Animal Care Berea today.