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 winter weather and your pets

There are many things to consider when you think about winter weather and your pets.  January is typically one of the coldest months of the year and with the cold weather, we thought we would share some of our best tips for helping your pet survive the cold winter months.

Cold Winter Nights

When it is extremely cold outside, you want to provide a safe heater or shelter for your outdoor animals.  Dogs and cats can also be brought inside for a warm retreat.  A kennel or crate works well if your pet isn’t housebroken.  Sweaters and warm blankets help too.

Dry Air

Indoor pets may experience problem with dry air.  Cracked or dry soar, noses and paws can be moistened with Vaseline.

Dry air from heater vents can also lead to dehydration so keep plenty of water on hand.

Your cat and longhaired pets may experience static buildup in their fur.  To combat this consider running a humidifier or wetting down the hair periodically with a wet wash cloth.

Heaters and Fireplace Safety

Make sure your heaters, baseboard heating units and heater vents are secure.  You don’t want your pet tipping your heater over.  Your pet will enjoy lying close to the fire or heater just like you do, so keep tails and paws away from heaters and open flames.

Ferrets are naturally curious and love escaping into cracks and openings.  Make sure your vents are secure or you could end up taking your ferret to the veterinarian or losing him for good.

Chemicals and Salt

Keep your pets away from antifreeze.  Just a small amount can be deadly.  Because it tastes sweet, pets are naturally attracted to it.  Clean up antifreeze spills quickly to avoid mishaps.

Salt and ice-melting chemicals can irritate your pet.  Wipe off your pet’s paws after taking them for a walk.  For longhaired pets or low riders, wipe off their stomach too.

The Search For Warmth

Don’t forget animals like to burrow and find warm places during the winter.  Your cat will naturally curl up inside your car’s engine to get warm.  Make sure you check your car before you take off to prevent injury and an emergency vet visit.

Winter Weather and Your Pets

We hope you and your pet stay warm this winter.  Don’t forget to take precautions with winter weather and your pets.  Remember if it’s too cold for you, your pet is cold too.  If you have any questions or need veterinary assistance, call Advanced Animal Care Berea and we will be happy to help you.