Advanced Animal Care
It can often be difficult to know when a cat or kitten is hurting or ill, felines often are less vocal than many other animals and therefore an ailment can often go unnoticed. It's typical for a cat to tolerate their discomfort rather than meowing compulsively. Knowing the signs that your cat is ill or experiencing discomfort will help to alert you of a serious problem and may possibly save the life of your cat.

Obvious Signs

There are many signs that clearly point out that something is wrong with your cat. These include loss of appetite, lethargy, and obvious limping. You should immediately take your cat to the vet if you notice these signs, they could be a sign of a broken limb or pulled joint. Additionally, your cat may be experiencing a severe illness, such as a urinary tract infection.

Subtle Signs

Recognizing subtle signs of a feline health concern requires close attention. If you pay attention and interact with your cat each day, you'll be able to notice if your cat is pawing the abdomen area; a possible indication of a blockage within the digestive system. Rubbing of the head on household items can easily go unnoticed and can be the action your cat takes while attempting to remedy ear discomfort caused by ear mites.

Noticing Changes in Your Cat

If you noticed any of these signs you will want to get your cat to the vet. Since each cat is as individual as you are, you should always watch for sudden changes, they could be signs of any number of medical problems. It's also advisable that your cat see's a vet regularly, including indoor cats. Regular check ups can prevent many ailments, a result from common lab test that could be performed during an office visit at Advanced Animal Care Berea.