Advanced Animal Care

You Berea Animal Hospital is here to help you take the best great care of your pet.  If you are wondering how often you should bring your pet to the veterinarian, we can show you a few ideas on how often you should schedule wellness visits.  Not only should your pet come in for his regular exams, but also, anytime you notice something out of the ordinary, it could be a sign that there is an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed.  

Regular Wellness Exams

The American Veterinary Medicine Association suggests you follow your veterinarians advice on how often to schedule a wellness exam.  This will be based on the age, breed and health of your pet.  In general, your pet should see the doctor every six months.  Pets tend to age much faster than people do.  By the 6th year, your dog is already in mid-life, if he or she is a small breed, and, if he or she is a larger breed dog, they are considered a senior.  Other pets can age faster than that.  It is important to bring your pet to his wellness exam even if you don’t notice any problems.  The purpose of a wellness exam is to keep your pet at optimal health.  Often by the time an owner realizes something is wrong, it is too late.

Pets can’t tell you how they feel.  In the wild, any sick pet, is considered an easy target and is preyed upon.  Because of this, pets will hide their disease or illness as long as possible.  By taking your pet to the veterinarians, you can have your pet examined to make sure nothing is wrong.  Your veterinarian will run labs if necessary, do a feces examination to check for parasite eggs, and palpate areas susceptible to tumors.  He will be able to tell if you if your pet is experiencing any problems.  Often diseases that are caught in time can be treated.

Office Visits When Your Pet is Sick

In-between your regular exams, you will want to schedule an office visit if you notice a sudden change in your pet's regular eating, drinking or eliminating habits.  This would also include a change in his usual activity level.  Unless you can pin point a reason for the change, changes like these could indicate a problem with your pet.  Risks of cancer, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other serious conditions increase with age.

Re-check Exams At Your Berea Animal Hospital

It is important if your doctor schedules a re-check exam to bring your pet back even if you feel he is well.  Only your veterinarian will be able to tell if your pet is completely recovered.  Your pet may need to continue on more medicine or your vet may feel your pet isn’t recovering as quickly as he prefers.  It is a pets nature to appear strong and healthy even if they are feeling a bit sick.

Advanced Animal Care Berea is available during normal office hours to answer your questions or schedule an office visit.  We keep track of your pets records from birth to adulthood and our veterinarian can advise you on the best way to care for your pet.  We can provide you with all the preventative care to keep your pet healthy and when you do need to bring your pet in, when he or she is sick, we can see them then, too.  We are a full service Animal Hospital in Berea and we look forward to serving you and your beloved pet.