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What to consider before you give a pet for christmas

What To Consider before you give a pet for Christmas.  Every year animal shelters are overrun with dogs and cats that people no longer want or can’t take care of.  Before you bring a new pet into your home or give them to someone else, consider these things.

Is it the Right Pet

Do research on the type of pet you are interested in.  Ask questions like:

How long do they live?  Will you be able to care for them that long?

Do they require more exercises than you can give them?

Will You have time to play with them?

Can you afford everything they need?

The list of questions can be long.  Some pets require more time and care than others.  Some pets, like parrots, will often outlive their owners.  Some pets can require a lot of attention and discipline.  If your not prepared, you could end up being sorry you got the pet in the first place.  This is hard on you and on the pet.

Does the Person Want the Pet

Many times people receive pets because their family members think they are lonely.  This can work out great and often does however, some people really don’t want to be tied down to a pet or they didn’t want the pet they received.  It is always best to ask the person your getting a pet for if it would be okay.  If you are getting a pet for a child, make sure the parents or guardians agree because they will need their help.

What To Consider Before You Give A Pet For Christmas

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners can make is underestimating how much it costs to raise a pet.  People who live in apartments often have to pay extra to keep a pet.  Pet food is expensive.  Many pet products that keep your pet happy are also expensive.  If your pet needs medical care, this can be expensive too.  This is not to say you shouldn’t get a pet if your on a budget, it just means to be aware before you purchase a pet, what you are getting into and if you are giving a pet, that you are giving a pet that requires a big commitment.

Your Veterinarian in Berea

Advanced Animal Care Berea is a great place to bring your pets.  You can depend on them to help you with the medical care of your pet, wellness checkups and vaccinations.  Whenever you need help with your pet, they are there.  If you are getting a new pet for Christmas, they will be happy to come alongside you and help you care for your new pet.