Advanced Animal Care

best vet clinic in Berea

What I like most about Advanced Animal Care Berea, the best veterinary clinic in Berea is their love of their patients and families.  I also love that they love and care for animals they help each week. 

Following on Facebook

I don’t know if you’ve been following this veterinary clinic in Berea on Facebook but I love their posts and pictures.  Last month they posted pictures that showed their patients smiling.  This week was grandparent’s day and they posted pictures of grandparents with pets.  I have a “I love my granddogs” sticker on my car, so you can imagine how I smiled when I saw the pictures.  As a dog grandparent, I love babysitting and playing with my kids pets.

Lost Dogs and Cats

Not only do I love the pictures posted, but I love that this Berea veterinary clinic is a safe place for lost pets.  They often post pics of lost pets and that is great.  Having a veterinary clinic in Berea where people feel safe dropping off injured pets or lost pets is great.  You know they care about pets no matter who the owner is.

Rehoming Pets

The other thing I like about Advanced Animal Care Berea is that they care about the feelings of their patient’s owners.  When someone can no longer take care of their pet because they are moving or they are too sick to care for their pet, Advanced Animal Care will help them find a new owner to adopt the pet.  This is comforting to the owner who has to give up their pet reluctantly.

The Best Veterinary Clinic in Berea

When I think of friendly staff, great veterinarians and a place I can trust with my pets, I think of Advanced Animal Care Berea.  They love animals and love their patients and their patient’s families.  If you need a Berea veterinary clinic give them a call.  You won’t be disappointed.