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thanksgiving foods pets enjoy

Thanksgiving foods pets enjoy? Really?  O.K. maybe we should have said Thanksgiving foods Safe for pets!  Most pets, especially dogs, wouldn't turn down any food from the table.  Infact, about half the pet owners we know will include their pet in the Thanksgiving feast.  Here are 5 safe Thanksgiving foods pets enjoy.  Just remember to feed them in moderation, be sensitive to your particular pet’s needs and above all enjoy the holiday with your pet.


Turkey is a lean protein that most pets tolerate well.  You should avoid any fat, skin or bones and feed your pet a small portion of the white meat.

Mashed Potatoes

Believe it or not, potatoes are actually not too bad for your pet.  Make sure if you’re feeding your pet mashed potatoes that they are plain.  Onions can cause anemia in dogs and cats.  Too much butter or sour cream isn’t healthy either and may upset your pet’s stomach.

Green Beans

Most vegetables are tolerated well and actually good for your pet.  Carrots are a good treat for dogs any day of the year.  Just remember green beans are good by themselves but when you add them in a casserole they probably aren’t as healthy and could cause concerns for your pet. 

Cranberry Sauce

If your pet enjoys something sweet, cranberry sauce is a good alternative to candies, cookies or other fruit.  Just remember if it contains sugar it’s not really as good for your pet as it could be.  Again moderation is important.

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

We all love our pets dearly.  You can show affection to your pet by cuddling and providing a nice toy at Thanksgiving.  If you have a dog, just be mindful of your pet and how he handles toys and people.  If he will become protective, you may want to give him his toy in a quiet room.  If you do share your meal with your pet, feed them in moderation.  Don’t feel like you need to give them a plate of food.  Stomachache, diarrhea, and vomiting occur when your pet eats too much or the wrong thing.

Thanksgiving Foods Pets Enjoy But Should Avoid

You should make sure your pet avoids onions, grapes and raisins, xylitol or artificial sweeteners and alcohol (from the bottle or fruitcake!)  Some foods may not be on the toxic list but they really serve no purpose and aren’t that nutritional.  You may enjoy feeding your pet cookies, but they really don’t need them.

Advanced Animal Care in Richmond is available 24/7 if you need an emergency veterinarian.  Because we are affiliated with them, your records are always available.  We hope you and your pet stay safe this holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Advanced Animal Care Berea!