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veterinarian in Berea Your veterinarian in Berea can give you some good advice about surviving July 4th and other summer time celebrations.  Many times the extra excitement and noise of holidays and summer get togethers can cause your pet to show signs of anxiety and annoyance.  Here are some good tips to keep you, your friends and pets safe this summer.

July 4th Fireworks

Many pets don’t tolerate loud noise.  Fireworks can cause such anxiety in your pet they will shake, pant, hide or run away.  To help keep your pet safe, consider keeping them inside the week of July 4th.  Keeping them in a quiet room and blocking the noise with music or the tv can help distract them from the loud sounds outside. 

Many pets get lost during this time of year due to the extra noise and activity.  It is a good idea to make sure your pets have ID tags.  Microchip technology is also a good way to ensure your pet will be returned to you if they get lost.  Your Berea Veterinarian can place a microchip for your pet during a routine office visit.

Summer Gatherings

Anytime your pet is exposed to extra noise and activity, they can react with fear and behave abnormally.  It is a good idea if you’re having friends over to watch your pet closely to determine if they are showing signs of anxiety.  It is not uncommon for a pet to bite or scratch out of the blue when they are confronted with noise they don’t tolerate well.  Pets who have never been around children or who don’t like noise, might hurt a small child when they normally get along well with others.  It is often a good idea to keep your pet in a quiet room where they won’t be bothered by guests.

Help From Your Veterinarian in Berea

If your pet is showing signs of extreme anxiety, you may want to bring them in for an exam.  Sometimes medication or behavior modification is needed.  Your veterinarian in Berea can offer you some specific suggestions for your pet’s behavior.  If an underlying medical condition is causing the changes in your pet, they can advise you on that too.  If you have any questions about pet anxiety or other concerns, please call Advanced Animal Care Berea and we will be happy to help you.