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scheduling an office visit for medicationsMany people wonder why scheduling an office visit for medication is necessary.  In a Veterinary hospital, few things can aggravate a client more than when your veterinarian refuses to supply medicine without seeing the patient.  You may wonder what the big deal is and hopefully, this blog will help.

The Supply of Medicine Is Controlled By The Law

Just like your General Practitioner, a veterinarian in Berea must keep records of the amount of medicine dispensed and prescribed and the reason for the prescription.  Although you would never abuse medicine, there are countless people in the US that go from doctor to doctor and yes, veterinarian to get meds for their addictions.  Your veterinarian could lose his license to dispense medicine and his livelihood if he or she doesn’t follow rules and regulations as controlled by law. 

What About Chronic Patients

Patients with chronic problems usually visit the veterinarian’s office enough that they can be seen and monitored often enough to warrant the medicine they need. 

What About Reoccurring Problems

If your pet had an ear infection last year, you may feel you can diagnose and treat the ear infection this year.  Some medications are classified as controlled medications.  Truthfully though, your pet may present with the same symptoms but have either something totally different or an underlying condition you don’t know about.  In the best interest of your pet, you should have an exam to be on the safe side.

Other Medications can cause side effects and disrupt the quality of your pet’s life.  Your veterinarian in Berea can monitor your pet and make adjustments as necessary.  An exam allows your vet to help you supply the best care for your pet so they can live longer and with better quality.

Scheduling an Office Visit For Medications

When you’re required to make an office visit for an exam and to get medication, know that your veterinarian is complying with the law and safe animal care.  They will do their best to schedule an appointment that is convenient to you and work within your schedule when possible.  If you have any questions, call Advanced Animal Care Berea and they will be happy to help you.