Advanced Animal Care

pet adoptionBefore jumping into pet ownership, it’s a good idea to consider what it means to be a responsible pet owner.  Here are a few considerations to think about before you adopt a pet into your home.

Committing to a Pet

When you bring a pet into your home he or she is becoming apart of your family.  You should avoid getting a pet on impulse.  Select a pet that you are pretty sure fits your home and your personality.  Study different breeds and try to select a pet that will make the best fit.  Commit to take care of your pet for life.  Don’t take in more pets than you can provide food, shelter, toys and healthcare for.

Make sure your pet has identification so that they don’t get lost.  Microchips are best because they can’t be removed.  It is your responsibility to notify the microchip registry if you move.

Investing in a Pet

Pets are a huge investment of your time, energy and money.  Be sure and consider the costs of pet ownership before you commit to at pet or look into pet adoption.  Besides food, pets also require toys and accessories that will provide them with plenty of exercise and stimulation.  They also need preventative health care and possibly vaccinations, medications or pest control.

Accidents happen when we least expect them, so it’s always a good idea to budget for emergencies.

Taking care of your pet is also time consuming.  Cleaning up after your pet and spending time with them are all important aspects of pet ownership.  It also takes time to properly socialize and train your pet.

Unless you are going to provide managed breeding, have your pet spayed or neutered.  This helps with behavior, unwanted pets and overpopulation.

Follow Pet Rules

Most counties and cities have pet ordinances that you will need to be aware of and follow.  Don’t turn your pet loose and obey leash laws.  Clean up after your pet if they are on a walk or get into the neighbors trash.  If your pet is noisy take action to prevent them from becoming a nuisance or breaking the law. 

Provide For Your Pet

Plan for your pets needs when you are away or in the hospital.  If you find a time when you can’t take care of your pet, find a new home for them ahead of time.

Provide appropriate care when your pet is sick or injured.  Pets feel pain and need medical attention just like people do.

If your pet is very sick or his quality of life has declined make timely decisions with your veterinarian. 

Not everyone looks at pet ownership and responsibility the same.  If you have questions about your pet or if your considering pet adoption your veterinarian can discuss with you the breed your interested in and possible pet options that would work for you.  Together we can provide the best healthcare and the best responsible pet care.