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Potty train your puppy can be time consuming but it is a must if you don’t want him eliminating inside.  Here are a few ideas to insure your puppy is potty trained in the least amount of time

Preventing Accidents When Potty Training

Your puppy will need to be under constant supervision.  If you can’t watch your puppy confine them in a crate or a spare room.  At first it is easier to confine your pet and take them out of confinement on regular intervals to go outside.  Reward them for eliminating outside and going where you want them.    As you find them being able to wait to go outside, you can begin letting them out of confinement for longer and longer periods.  You want to be around and watching your puppy at all times so that you can catch when they need to go out.  It may take them some time to learn to tell you when they need to go.  Your puppy will usually show signs that it is time by pacing, walking in circles, hiding or whining. 

Most puppies learn potty training pretty quickly and others take a little longer.  Usually by 12 months they should be completely trained.  Avoid punishing your puppy when he has an accident.  You don't want to raise your voice either as this can scare and confuse your puppy.  If you see them having an accident, you can clap a few times to startle them into stopping and quickly take them outside.  If you don't see your puppy having the accident, don't bother trying to show them and discipline them because they will not be able to associate the mess with what you want.  You can pick up the stool and carry it outside to show your dog where it belongs.

Reasons Your Puppy Has Accidents

Some dogs will mark furniture with their urine.  Having your puppy neutered will often help with this.  Other puppies will urinate when they are anxious.  Talk with your vet if you think your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety or is over anxious.  Some dogs will also urinate out of submission or excitement.   You will notice a dog who is urinating this way will often urinate as a greeting or when they feel threatened. You can learn more about submission urination here.

Medical reasons can also be the cause for your puppy to have an accident.  UTIs and Gastrointestinal upset can cause your dog to urinate or have diarrhea.   If you feel your puppy might have a UTI or if they have severe diarrhea it is good to consult your vet.  Change in diet can also cause your puppy to not be able to control himself.

Potty training your pup is an important part of puppy care.  If you need assistance, please call Advanced Animal Care Berea and we will be happy to help you.