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pocket pets at christmas

Pocket pets at Christmas may seem like an odd combination unless you consider your small furry pet, one of the family.  Celebrating Christmas with your dog or cat may be like second nature and for some of us, it creates a bit of excitement knowing they will enjoy their special gifts under the tree.  Your little gerbil, hamster or sugar glider may not get any excitement from opening a gift but there are many ways you can enjoy your Pocket pet at Christmas.

Receiving A New Pocket Pet

I can remember year after year asking Santa for a reindeer and a chipmunk.  One Christmas my dad and mom took me to see someone about a new bird for my mom.  To my surprise, he had a pet chipmunk, and it was for me!  That brings back lots of great memories.  If you are getting a new pocket pet for Christmas, be sure and read as much as you can so that you can take care of your pet the best way possible.  Supervise children and pets because they are kids and taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility.  Go slow with your pet, he may need time to adjust to his new home and to your smells.

Special Gifts For Your Pocket Pet

Treats, wheels, exercise toys and a new cage are some of the gifts a small animal may like.  You can easily find pockets and pouches in Christmas material or other cage accessories for the holidays.  Your pocket pet loves to explore new things and enjoys running around his or her cage.  What better gift than a new house or exercise tunnel.  Special treats are also good.  Just don’t over do it.  If they aren’t used to extra treats, they could upset their tummy.

Gift Wrap Tunnels

Cardboard tunnels make an excellent toy for your pocket pet at Christmas time.  They will love running through the tunnel no matter how long it is.  Some wrapping paper may also be suitable for a pet if the paper is free of toxins.  Your children will find enjoyable ways to spend time with a pocket pet friend by creating obstacle courses and tunnels for your pet to play in.

Your Pocket Pet At Christmas

Just like other holidays, things at your house may get a little noisy or stressful for your pocket pet over the holidays.  Be mindful that your pet may not enjoy all the commotion or the new people around.  You can keep your pet calm by keeping them in a quiet room.  If they are used to sleeping all day, make sure you let them sleep a majority of the time.  Your veterinarian in Berea, Advanced Animal Care wishes you and your furry family member a Merry Christmas!