Advanced Animal Care
Traveling is a fun time, whether it be a road trip or by air. However, to ensure that all goes well, it is necessary to prepare your pet for the journey. It doesn't matter if your pet is a seasoned traveller or if this is their first trip. Proper preparation will not only ensure your pet arrives there safe but it also makes the journey exciting for everyone. To achieve this, here are a few tips to take into consideration:

Vaccinations and Medications

Just Like when traveling with a child, you must ensure that your pets are vaccinated. Talk to your veterinary doctor about your vacation destination and what diseases to watch out for and if your pet needs to any vaccination. This is most important if you are traveling out of country.  Don't forget to pack your pets medications and make sure you have enough for the extent of the trip.

Take Your Pet On Small Trips First

If your pet has not travelled before, its good to start introducing it to travel, do test drives with your pet, introduce it to other pets and people so that it can learn to socialize and this will make it easy. Also ensure they get used to harnesses or restraints which will be a necessity during travel.
Some pets make better travelers than others.  If your pet is extremely anxious or unable to handle a car ride, medication for nausea or anxiety can sometimes be the answer.  Talk with your veterinarian about what might help your pets and what you can do to calm them.

Check Rules and Regulations

Establish your mode of travel early and find out if there are any restrictions to traveling with pets and if there are no restrictions what requirements they have so that you can prepare in advance.  This may include proper labeling of your pet incase they are lost and any other requirements as you will be advised.  Consider microchips which will ensure your pets will be returned if they are lost or stolen.
Also make sure you are allowed to have pets at your destination and make sure they can accommodate all you need for your particular pet.

Pack with Your Pets in Mind

As you pack for your vacation, carefully pack for your pet too. Remember to carry any medication that your pet could be taking and something that makes it comfortable like an interactive toy.  Will your pet need a pet carrier, their favorite blanket or toy.  Decide before hand if you need to bring all your supplies or if it would be better to purchase them when you arrive.  Remember to keep in mind most pets should not have their food suddenly changed.

Planning Stops If Necessary

It might be necessary to teach your dog to relieve themselves on command long before your scheduled vacation trip.  Some animals like dogs and birds may need to get out of the car and stretch.
Even with the best preparations things sometimes  go wrong when traveling, watch your pet closely to ensure they don't get nervous or anxious and if they exhibit nausea signs it might be worthwhile to give them medicine for that.
When traveling in summer, please don't leave your pet in the car.  Some states have laws against this as temperatures in a parked car can rise.  Also, setting a cage in the shade or under the car is just as deadly.
Enjoy your vacation!  But please make all the necessary arrangements so you and your pet can enjoy the trip.  If you have any questions please call Advanced Animal Care Berea today!