Advanced Animal Care

Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Berea Kentucky

"Stem cell therapy extends the lives of arthritic pets, by vastly improving their quality of life - even better than it was with pain medications." - Eva Beyer, DVM AZ

Stem cells are the body’s repair cells. These cells possess the ability to differentiate and divide into various kinds of cells based on what location and function they are needed for in your body. Stem cells have the ability to divide and transform into tissues such as fat, muscle, skin, cartilage, bone, nerve cells and more. These cells can even replicate into full, functioning organs. 

A stem cell procedure works as follows:

1. The vet will sedate your pet. 

2. The vet will remove a few tablespoons of fat, surgically. This is a fast, easy procedure.

3. The vet will filter the fat to extract the stem cells. This can take a few hours. 

4. When the stem cells have been extracted, the vet will then sedate your pet again and administer the cells into the affected joints or into the bloodstream. 

REMEMBER: Don't feed your pet the night before!