Advanced Animal Care

Pet Care tips 

There are many pet care tips you can follow to ensure you have a healthy, happy pet.  Many of these tips are exclusive to the type of pet however, below are a few basic guidelines for pet care from your Veterinarian in Berea 

Get your pet examined regularly.

You love your pet like family. So, why would you risk its life and health by not taking your cute pooch or your cuddly kitty for regular medical exams?
Just like humans - a dog can get arthritis, a guinea pig can get cancer and a cat might suffer from a painful toothache. But unlike us, they cannot voice out their pains and discomforts to their owners.
You need to take care of them by providing the best medical care as they are dependent upon you for their basic food, water, shelter and survival needs.
Choose a good Berea veterinarian and take your pet there for regular medical check-ups and tests. Depending on the animal this may include vaccinations to prevent disease and some are required by law.

Get your pets spayed and neutered.

One of the most humane things you can do for your pet is to get them spayed and neutered as soon as possible.
Millions of pets end up in shelters in the U.S. nearly every year! These are domestic animals that may have been lost, or may have been abandoned, and some of these animals are just homeless.  Many animals are born unwanted and uncared for.
As a pet owner and an animal-lover, why would you risk something like this happening to your pet or your pet's babies?!
Spay and neuter ALL your cats and dogs immediately.
A veterinary professional will perform a very basic and painless minor surgery that will ensure your pet's vitality and health.
Plus, it also decreases the risk to many pet cancers and your pet will not lose their way by roaming about for regular mating calls.

Don't Over Feed Your Pet.

Most pets in America are overweight or fall in the 'obese' category. It is a consequence of overfeeding them and lack of proper exercise. 
Obesity in pets is not to be taken lightly by calling your flabby cat or your overweight dog 'cute'.
Unless you want to risk cancer, diabetes and/or arthritis for your cherished pet, talk to your Berea veterinarian and discuss proper feeding and exercise routines.
According to a dog or cat's size, a feeding chart can be created for healthy eating
Remember - your pet's health and happiness depends upon you. So, choose wisely and look after them for a long, healthy.  Advanced Animal Care Berea is here to help from infancy to senior adult, we can help you care for your Pet.