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veterinarian in Berea Your veterinarian in Berea can help you and your pet with pet anxiety.  Pet anxiety is a common problem for pets in the summer.  With summer thunderstorms, vacations and outdoor parties, it isn’t any wonder your pet may be terrified with all the extra excitement and noise. At Advanced Animal Care, we like to help our pet owners keep their pets healthy, happy and stress free. Here are a few things you can do to keep your pet safe and calm this summer.

Roaring Summer Thunderstorms

Some pets are worse than others when it comes to thunderstorms. Any pet owner who has more than one pet can tell you that pet anxiety is unique to each pet. Some pets will sense a thunderstorm far away and begin getting anxious. You may notice they will pace and pant. They may drool or shake. These are all signs pet anxiety is getting the best of your pet.

You can avoid pet anxiety caused by thunderstorms by staying in a small room or closet with your pet before the storm arrives. You may want to play music or turn a small TV on to help block out the noise. Some pets will enjoy a nap with their owner during the storm. Finding a comfortable spot where your pet feels safe is the key to reducing pet anxiety.

Outdoor Parties

Summertime is a great time for entertaining and outdoor BBQs. Your pet may need to stay away from the excitement if pet anxiety is an issue for him or her. You may find extra people and extra noise is all it takes to cause your pet to display bad behaviors associated with pet anxiety. They may hide, urinate, or become snappy with the extra excitement.  The outdoor heat only adds to the problem.

You can keep your pet and your guests safe by keeping them in a quiet room while the party is going on. It may be a good idea to allow your pet to spend time alone prior to the party so they can get used to the room and feel safe there. If you find music is soothing to your pet it can be a good distraction.

Summer Vacations

Being away from your pet is hard on you and them alike.  If they are staying with you on vacation or you decide to board your pet, they have new surroundings to contend with.  If you can take some of your pet’s belongings with you, that can help.  It will also help to keep them on the same diet and give them extra attention.  Car rides can also create extra anxiety in some pets.  A pet with severe anxiety may be better off left at home or boarded with your veterinarian in Berea.

Help From Your Berea Veterinarian

Having a pet with extreme pet anxiety is hard on you and your pet. In some cases medication or behavior modification may be necessary. If your pet is over stressed and showing signs of anxiety, be sure and talk with your veterinarian in Berea. They can help determine if there is an underlying cause for their symptoms or if medical help is necessary.  Sometimes pets get more anxious as they age.  Like people, when they are older they may not tolerate noise as well as they did when they were young.  Heat can also cause your pet to react differently.  If you have any questions about your pet’s anxiety, call Advanced Animal Care and we will be happy to help you.