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how to mentally stimulate your dog

Knowing how to mentally stimulate your dog will help it to stay happy and behave better.  Dogs not only need physical activity but many animal behaviorists and veterinarians feel that mental stimulation is important too.  Some breeds of dog are highly intelligent and need to exercise that part of their mind.  Here are a few things you can do to stimulate your dog’s mind:

Play With Your Dog

You don’t have to spend a fortune on dog toys to play with your dog and stimulate your dog’s mind.  Putting dog food in a plastic bottle will cause your dog to solve the puzzle to get the treat.  You can also hide treats throughout the house and yard to stimulate the nose.  Tug of war and playing with toys you attach to a string are other games your pet will enjoy playing.  You can also create obstacle courses and mazes for them to go through if you’re real ambitious.

Socialize Your Dog

Some dogs will do better than others, but there are many ways to socialize your pet.  Dog parks are a great place to give your dogs a place to play off the leash and with other dogs.  It also is a nice change of scenery and provides plenty of new smells.  Other options are discipline and obedience training, agility classes and various volunteer opportunities.  Your pet may also enjoy visiting neighbors, friends and family who would benefit from a visit by you and your pet.

Change it Up

Taking walks is great.  Most people get into a routine of going the same route every day.  When you are trying to think how to mentally stimulate your dog however, you may want to try new directions and new routes each day.  Dogs like to experience new places and new smells.  Usually one family member tends to exercise or walk the dog more.  Try changing this up to so that your pet can benefit from each person’s way of exercising and playing.

How to mentally stimulate your dog

You can be as creative as you want when it comes to how to stimulate your dog’s mind.  Be sure and research about the breed dog you have and how others with similar breeds play with their dogs.    Not every dog likes toys and so you need to learn about your pet and what he or she enjoys doing.  Keeping your pet active both physically and mentally will help keep your pet fit.

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