Advanced Animal Care
The first thing most of us think when we hear the word pet is either cat or dog. So let's keep it to these two species of animal. No matter who you are, whether you have kids, and what sort of neighborhood you live in, dogs and cats are typically the perfect companion - especially when you consider all of the breeds.  Considering the breed is most important when choosing a dog.

City Life

If you live in an apartment building in a busy city, your best bet is either a small dog or cat. And I would rule dogs out completely, unless you are able to walk them or have them walked once or twice on a daily basis. Dogs need exercise.

Cats as an Apartment Pet

Cats are a perfect fit in any city apartment. They are content and happy to roam their homes, as long as they're fed properly and have scratch toys. Persian cats are particularly mellow and make for great urban companions.

Dogs for Protection

If you live in a crowded city neighborhood and want a protective dog that would fit nicely with your family and home, the Basset Hound is a perfect fit. Very mellow dogs, they are loyal to family, nice with children and guests, but will protect your house with an unparalleled ferocity if someone were to break in. With their short legs and powerful, stout bodies, they weigh in as much as 80lbs. Being so low to the ground and calm in nature, they are large dogs that take up minimal space and do not need much exercise. 

If you live out in a rural or suburban area

you may choose whichever dog or cat suits you and your family most. If you want a large breed of dog, just make sure to fence your yard in or walk them on a daily basis. If you want a house cat, you can have one. If you want a independent cat that comes and goes as it pleases, that is also a possibility. 

The same rule applies to city and country: make sure your animals get enough exercise and have toys to gnaw on or claw. Exercise is mostly for the dogs, and toys are mostly for the cats; but both work well for either animal. After a little bit of research, you will find the best breed of dog or cat for you. Once you find your pet, Advance Animal Care Berea can help with all your veterinary needs.