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pet groomingPet grooming is a great way to interact with your pet while keeping them healthy.  Often when we think of grooming we automatically think about our pets hair and haircuts.  It is true some breeds of dogs require regular trims and some other pets need brushed but there are other things you need to do that fall under the heading of grooming.  Your veterinarian will be happy to talk to you about different grooming techniques and what your particular pet may need.  Here are some basic suggestions:

Pet Hair

Your pet will be more comfortable if you take care of their hair.  Some breeds need trimmed during the hot summer months to keep them from overheating.  Pets that are outside will benefit from having burrs and things brushed from their hair.  Removing excess hair will keep your pet from swallowing it during his or her own grooming routines.

Ears and Eyes

Ears can get dirty or infected.  Pets need to have their ears examined and cleaned periodically.  Never stick anything into the pet’s ears but gently clean the outside.  You can get ear cleaners or solutions to help clean the ears of your pet.

Ears can also get mites that will cause your pet to be uncomfortable.  IF you notice your pet playing with his ears or whining about his ears, it is a good idea to have them examined by a veterinarian.


Your pet will be more comfortable getting regular toenail trims.  Pets that don’t have their nails trimmed may loose a nail if it gets caught on something.  This can cause infection and is a particular problem with some pets.  It can also be dangerous for some pets if their toenails get caught in something.  If you notice your pet loosing his or her nails often and they seem to be in pain, a trip to the veterinarian will have them better in no time.


Part of pet grooming involves taking good care of their teeth.  Most pets need regular brushing just like people do.  You need to remove plaque, which can harden and turn into tartar.  Pets get dental diseases just like people too.  Regular examination of their gums can also help you recognize a problem your pet might be having with his gut, kidneys or heart.  Gums should be pink, not white or red and never swollen.  Teeth should be healthy, white, tight and intact.


Keeping your pet clean and parasite free will help with skin diseases and irritations.  Some pets will have skin allergies.  Your veterinarian can help you if you suspect a skin allergy.  Skin irritations can also get infected.  Your veterinarian can prescribe antibiotics to clear this up.

Although some problems can be prevented with regular grooming, even the most dedicated pet owners run into problems or need help caring for their pets.  If you have any questions about your pet care and proper grooming, please call Advanced Animal Care Berea and we will be happy to help you.