Advanced Animal Care

 emergency Berea Animal Hospital

Advanced Animal Care, your emergency Berea animal hospital, offers a wide range of services. These services include: Dentistry, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Comprehensive Lab Testing, Ultrasound, Digital Radiography and X-ray.  Our veterinarians remain trusted in the neighborhood and our hospital ensures that all pets will receive a high standard of care that is patient and client focused.  If you notice signs or symptoms your beloved pet is ailing please bring him in for a consultation.  Like you, we want to see your pet feeling good and staying healthy.

You Can Trust Our Team of Veterinarians in Berea

We have an experienced team of veterinarians who understand that your pet is a member of your family.  They deserve to be treated and cared for comprehensively and with compassion. A medical care plan will be developed that meets the specific needs of your pet.  Emergency veterinary care is offered alongside routine care and our emergency Berea animal hospital for cats and dogs offer full medical services. 

We do not take for granted the trust and confidence that is placed in us by our clients when they choose us to care for their pets.  We do our best to uphold the tradition of caring and respect that we have worked to establish. We value the bond that exists between humans and animals and strive to build life-long relationships with our patients and clients.

Support and Compassion From Our Staff

As well as quality care, exceptional customer service and support is offered to all clients by our support staff, technical staff and veterinarians in Berea. We establish effective communication with our clients to build the relationship between them, their pet and our staff.  Our staff will offer you compassion and education to ensure you and your pet receives the best care.

Your Emergency Berea Animal Hospital

In an emergency, you can expect your emergency animal hospital in Berea to be available to help in a crisis.  We place a priority on emergency care.  Because of our unique access and partnership with other veterinarians in the area, our patient’s records are available to other emergency clinics that are open 24/7.  This is a valuable asset we are proud to offer.

We hope you will never need emergency services for your pet.  If you do, you can rest assured your emergency animal hospital in Berea, Advanced Animal Care is available and dedicated to using the least evasive procedures to get your pet back to his or her optimal health.