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ear mites in catsThere are many different types of ear mites in cats, but the most common is otodectes cynotis.  Ear mites are a tiny crab like parasite that is highly contagious among animals.  They have a 3-week life cycle and left untreated they can cause severe problems, like serious skin and ear infections.  Ear mites in cats can cause a complete obstruction of the ear canal as coffee ground like debris forms inside the ear.  Ear mites are very common in kittens and outdoor cats.  If you suspect cat ear mites, be sure and bring your cat into the veterinary clinic in Berea to get a diagnosis.  Some bacterial infections mimic the symptoms of ear mites in cats.

Symptoms of Ear Mites in Cats

You will notice your cat or kitten spending a lot of time scratching their ears and shaking their head excessively.  In extreme cases, your cat will break blood vessels from the intense shaking.  This is called aural hematoma and in some cases requires surgery to correct it. 

You may notice hair loss or dermatitis.  Scab or scratches near the ear may also appear.  You will notice a strong odor and black or brown waxy secretions in the outer ear.  Your pet’s ear may also become sore and inflamed.


The good news about ear mites is that they are very treatable.  Your veterinarian will confirm that your pet has ear mites and give you products to eradicate the parasite.  This medication will be applied directly to the ear or onto the skin. 

You will want to clean any buildup from the ears with special ear cleaner and cotton.  Your Berea veterinarian can help you do this if your cat’s ear is sensitive to the touch.

Your veterinarian in Berea may also prescribe medicated eardrops or antibiotics to get rid of any infection in the ear.

You will want to make sure you clean your cat’s bedding.  If your cat is in contact with other animals, you should treat them as well.

Your Berea Veterinarian

It won’t be long until your veterinarian in Berea will have your cat or kitten feeling much better.  Be sure even if you see improvement to finish all the medication to prevent re-infestation.  If you have any questions about ear mites in cats, please call Advanced Animal Care in Berea.  We will be happy to help you and schedule an appointment if necessary.