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 commonly believed dog myths

Commonly believed dog myths are popular stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.  THere are many such myths and with the surge in social media, more false stories and myths are likely to occur.  Here are some of the top dog myths we hear:

Dry or Warm Nose Means Your Dog is Sick

It is perfectly normal for your dog to have a moist nose one minute and a dry nose the next.  This alone does not indicate a fever or sickness.  If you notice your dog’s nose becoming cracked or losing pigmentation, then you might want to see your veterinarian.

All Bones Sold For Dogs Are Safe For Dogs

This is simply not true.  Some bones don’t break apart well.  Rawhide bones for example can get wet and slimy.  Your dog may swallow a piece that gets caught in its esophagus.  Your veterinarian can tell you many stories about bones getting caught in dog’s mouth or throat. 

Female Dog’s Should Have 1 Litter Before Being Spayed

There is no evidence that having a litter of puppies is better for your dog before you spay them.  There is however, much evidence showing that spaying your dog is the best thing you can do for them.  Many things can go wrong for novice breeders.  Unless you are careful, your dog may mate with a larger breed and put herself in jeopardy of having puppies that are too big. 

Giving Your Dog Ice in Water Causes Bloat

This story circulated on facebook earlier this year.  It is false.  Bloat is caused by drinking too much water or other liquid after exercise.  Ice water is often given to dogs to cool them down on hot days.  Moderation is the key, too many liquids at once or cooling down your pup too fast can both cause problems. 

Other Dog Myths

You may know of other commonly believed dog myths.  It is always a good idea to question why you think something.  Your veterinarian can help answer questions you may have about your dog and the dog myths you’re not sure about.