Advanced Animal Care
For most of us, our pets are considered members of our family. We pamper them, we play with them, we snuggle with them, and we love them. So when it comes to choosing a pet doctor, we want only the best veterinarian for our furry friends. There are several factors to consider when making this important decision:

Start by asking around

Talk with other trusted pet-lovers. Typically, they will either have recommendations for you to pay a visit to their favorite veterinarian, or they may give you pointers on where NOT to take your pet.


Consider Your Options

Once you have a few options in mind, do a little research online. Look up the veterinarian's credentials. Read online reviews of their facility and practices, and check Facebook.


Visit the Facility

Next, choose a few to visit. Make appointments to meet with the doctors, and be prepared to ask some questions regarding your needs as a pet owner:

Question to ask the Veterinarian

Extra services: pet daycare, boarding, grooming, etc.?
Special needs pet services?
Licensed pet techs on staff?
How many vets on staff?
After hours emergency clinic or care?


While visiting the facility, make sure to observe the surroundings. They should be modern, sterile, organized, and very pet-friendly. Pay close attention to your gut feeling when you first meet the veterinarian. Would you trust your pet's life with this person?  


Visit with Your Pet

Lastly, once you have decided who best meets the needs of your pet, take your pet to visit the facility. The final rule of thumb is to make sure the receptionist, the vet techs, and the veterinarian treat your adorable animal with love and affection. Each and every staff member of a veterinarian clinic should be crazy about animals, and if they're not, then keep looking.  

At Advanced Animal Care Berea we would love to meet you and your pet!