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Veterinarian Berea KY

Produly serving Berea residents (and their people!) since 2009: Advanced Animal Care Berea is now home to a fantastic team of husband and wife veterinarians, Dr. Heather Hancock and Dr. Kevin Simmons  (Click to learn more)!

Our Berea Animal Hospital

Advanced Animal Care Berea offers exams, vaccinations, routine or complex surgeries and more. Vaccination records and other patient data are actively synced with Waco Animal Hospital and Advanced Animal Care Richmond. When you become a client at AAC Berea your pet's information is always available to our 24 hour emergency hospital to ensure that we are ready to treat your pets no matter what time of day!

The Advanced Animal Care Difference

What makes us different from other Berea veterinarians? At Advanced Animal Care, we're proud to offer personalized care and dedicated attention to each of our furry patients! We realize that your pet is more than just a fluffy sidekick -- your pet is family. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure your furry friend is given the absolute best veterinary care in Berea Kentucky

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In addition to routine care, we offer many types of surgical procedures, including:

Spay and Neuter
Declaw (front only or all four feet)
Tumor/Mass/Growth Removals
Ear Flushing
Exploratory Surgeries:
    Foreign bodies
    Intestinal Hernias
Orthopedic Surgeries:
    Fracture Repair: Plating, Pinning, External Fixators
    Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL Repair
Other Surgeries:
    Perineal Urethrostomy or PU
For more information about a specific procedure, or to schedule an appointment, please call in advance or email us at



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